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    A Couple VPS Starter Questions

    Hey All,

    I have a few questions related to vps', and I hope you can help with answers, opinions, recommendations, etc.

    I have several sites, and some project sites (Nintendo Related Mainly, Flash Arcades, Maybe something else.) projects I would like to get going. Nothing huge, but just some smaller things for fun, and maybe make a profit off of ads.

    Anyway, I have these sites/projects on a few different hosts, different plans.

    So I've been thinking lately of maybe just getting a vps and merging all the sites onto a vps. To just have it all together, and also a bit because I do find technology/webhosting interesting, and maybe I could learn a bit more about it if I was on a vps, learn more of the ins and outs.
    (I'd also like to maybe host a few friends, which I could easily do on a vps.)

    Anyhoo, down to my questions.

    1.)About just the general speed and quality of being on a vps as apposed to shared/reseller.
    Right now I'm thinking I want 512mb to start off. I'm really thinking of the VS3 from KnownHost (
    So, how does a vps with 512mb handle various sites. Some html, some with php/mysql, maybe a forum or two.

    I guess what I'm really asking with this is, with abunch of sites going on here will my sites just freeze to a halt. Will stuff just stop working? Is it better to just stay on shared/reseller accounts? Or will I see no difference or an improvement?

    2.) My second question is, if I do get a vps, is cpanel the way to go? I can get cpanel or directadmin for the same price at KnownHost. I read that DirectAdmin uses less resources. I also read that cpanel should be run on a vps with probably at least 384 or more megabytes. So if I ran cpanel on a vps with 512, when I was in cpanel would my sites start slowing down dramatically? If I had a few people on the server with accounts, if 2 or 3 were on cpanel at once, would the sites and such grind to a halt or go incredibly slow?

    Anyway, that's about it for my questions. I guess it comes down too, is I want to know how everything will run with 512 as opposed to having them on various shared accounts. If having a few things like cpanel slow everything down.

    Thanks for any help.

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    1/ 512 MB is quite enough for what you are asking for, if there's not too much traffic. The difference of speed depends A LOT on the provider you will choose. In some cases, you'll have almost a processor for yourself, on some others, it's going to be painfully slow if the host oversells. It can even be different on the same host, but on different servers. Regarding this issue of overselling, Xen is most of the time faster and safer, with better scheduling. I say most of the time, because it's always possible to do bad things as a customer, like starting an UDP packet storm or things like that. Remember that VZ is "just a container", so there's very little isolation.

    2/ I don't know about cPanel or DA. We use our own open source solution (that is in Debian as well), and it virtually uses no memory at all, I never understood why cPanel is said to require so much RAM. But anyway, to what I could see and the comments in this forum, DA seems to be much much better than cPanel. I have seen the way cPanel is to be setup, and I don't like it: it doesn't integrate well with the distribution, and uses specific versions of everything. Is it the case for DA? Maybe someone can tell...

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    cPanel is a more graphical control panel which you may find easier to use at first. However, you can find demos of both cP and DA admin panels to test before you make a decision on what operation you like better. If you are interested adding on future 3rd party applications, forums, blogs, ecommerce etc. you can add in Fantastico to work with cPanel, to instantly setup applications with database integration. I too have heard that DA is lighter, and stable, but still think the 512MB would be enough to serve the requirements you’re looking for no matter which web admin you decide.
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    If you website has high traffic, the RAM will be more important than CPU. For now, I have 768M RAM VPS, but I feel the RAM is too little.

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    A VPS should be more than sufficient for your needs. While I prefer Xen, non Xen virtualization is not bad but different.
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