We have space available for colocation at three (3) different facilities in the downtown area of Winnipeg.
We also have access to the local infrastructure to provide high speed (up to 150 Mbps) full duplex connectivity over copper, fiber, and wireless to buildings in, and around, Winnipeg or almost anywhere in Manitoba, Canada.

We are currently connected to Level 3, Global Crossing, Shaw, Telus, Bell, MTS, and The Toronto Internet Exchange.

We can offer bandwidth for about $30/Mbps in decent quantities, which, as you know, is very inexpensive by Winnipeg standards.

We also have dedicated servers in Winnipeg if you prefer to use our hardware. We can also provide access to PRIs and VoIP service.

If you would like more details or to discuss further, please PM me or email [email protected].

This offer is for those who need their servers to be in central Canada. If location is of no importance to you then you can find lower prices in the USA.