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    DNS and NS steups for 2VPSes under a Single domain

    Hey all,

    It's been a while i posted a technical question. I have now 2 VPSes under me, 1 from and another from I've named them VPS1 and VPS2 respectively.

    Specs on the servers are more or less the same, but VPS1 have 2ips and VPS2 has only 1ip. (Example IPs)
    VPS1 IPs:
    VPS2 IP:

    The other main difference is VPS1 is cPanel and VPS2 is DirectAdmin. And by next week i'll be switching to all DA. Now here comes the question. say the domain name i want to setup is

    I have already setuped my name server settings on the registrars side to reflect the following:,

    So how should i setup cpanel and da to reflect these settings. I want to like make a mirror setup with the two vps for redundancy and no downtime. i don't know whether this possible or not, but atleast for the time when i'll be switching cpanel to DA, i want the sites to resolve and be working.

    Thanks. all.

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    i don't think this can be done automatically by the control panels.

    what comes to my mind is migrating all the DNS records from VPS 1 to VPS 2 (DA) manually, then temporary point to VPS 2

    after you install DA on VPS 1, make a cluster with VPS 2, then you can switch back to VPS 1.

    i don't know how you'll do the cpanel -> DA switch though, regarding the data, emails, etc. Half Dedicated Half Price
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    I'll either be doing the account migration manually or using the tool available at the da forums for this. So account move is not nothing. Just regarding A records. How should i set them up?

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    First you may want to migrate your DNS to an independent source such as your domain registrar or an opnedns type service. You likely don't want both VPS relying on one or the other failing and taking down the entire network.

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