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    19 Now Hiring is looking for some new sales guys!

    In an ever growing business customers are #1 and MagniRack is looking for some sales representatives to help bring those customers into the company and let them see what a real game server host is all about.


    * Ability to work with a team
    * Ability to follow instructions
    * At least 16 years of age or older
    * Prior sales experience is a plus

    If you are interested in this position please send an email to jobs[at]magnirack[dot]com with your resume attached.

    We are looking for 5 [possibly more] sales representatives.

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    Hey there!

    Just out of interest what is the pay, how will it be paid etc?

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    I would like to know what the starting pay is also.

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    At best guess it looks comission based.
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    Pay is indeed commission based starts at 25% and goes up depending on performance.

    Pay would be sent out via paypal or if you would like a check could be mailed to you if you are in the United States

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