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    Cron Job email in DA?

    Hello all,

    I've got limited knowledge in scripting so I've come to the interweb for help. Google hasn't answered any of my queries so the trusty WHT is next.

    I'm trying to create a script cron that will email my clients once per month with space and bandwidth useage reminders. I'd prefer not to have to set up crons in each individual account, but rather email all with tokening including |name| |bandwidth| |space| out of the allowed space & bandwidth according to the clients package.

    Can anyone help? - Gameing discussion, arcade, all around good fun

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    Is it DirectAdmin ? if so why not ask the DirectAdmin guy's for help. If its Cpanel then you can use there API (which is well documented) to extract that information from the server.

    Hope that helps.

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    I would also suggest you seek help with this from DirectAdmin... Their forum should be helpful which can be found at
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