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    it been almost 7 days since i bought the offer $5 offer for vps . from

    it been Good week with them , i bought the vps for learning , i have rebuilded the OS so Many times , Becasue i tried almost all the control panels to decide which is better for my Main Server .. i tried cpanel, kloxo, plesk,webmin, virtualmin. . i can say Cpanel is the best then Kloxo ,which i heard going for open surce.

    Back to i had truble with login to shh for short time , i did not have any other truble , i did not need the support since it was unmanaged but i have contacted them few times and they respond very quick .
    i bought this for month like i said for learning and it been very good expirence , installing different control panel , remove them . installed firewall , learned alot of linux Commands , still learning and keep you updated if needed.. Overall .. I got wht i paid For Cant ask for more .

    this is my site that i use for my learning .

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    Thanks for sharing your experience! Glad you're having a good time with them.

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    Thanks for your testimonial!

    It's great to have you as a customer!

    ~ Adam

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    thanks for sharing

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    Thanks for your comments on your provider. Very glad to hear that you are happy with them.
    Give us more updates in future.

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