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    Want to share VPS Hosting with good people

    Hello Friends,

    I have 60GB VPS with 512ram and 3 dedicated IPs.

    In last one year only 8GB I used or sell to Resellers. I dont want to sell to people who SPAM from server or misuse in any other way.

    I can give direct email and phone support to freshers who are new to VPS environment.

    I can create Free account for testing and payment is negotiable but you must be choosy about your clients and do not harm the reputation of server and dedicated IPs.

    Only 42 Accounts are running on my Dedicated IP and you will find Good Speed, Private NS available.

    Anyone Interested PM or reply here.
    Nirav Arora
    Kolkata, India.,

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    Hi There

    I can't send PM's yet as I just joined but I am interested in sharing your VPS until my hosting company grows. Do you have gmail chat or yahoo or icq so we can discuss?



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    Hi Sam,

    I am more than 1year old member here, i visited here very few times but i dont want to be banned doing something silly.

    I am not giving you my email or yahoo details, all are in my profile, i came back here after a long time and updated today.

    Lets discuss here, its an advertisement forum, hope we can discuss here.

    Please give me some details...
    Your Real Name, Country, domain name, how much space you need, how many websites you want to shift today, i will create your account and PM you NS, you check the server, rest we will fix later.

    One Meditation site you can check for speed...

    Meanwhile i ask WHT help for giving you my details.

    Warm Regards.
    Nirav Arora
    Kolkata, India.,

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