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    I purchsed a dedicated server from UK2NET and need it setting up i want to put some pages up i think it needs php , sendmail etc i dnt knw setted up to it.

    Someone please sort this out i can pay via paypal a reasonable amount.

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    Just a bit of advice. A quick search of google will show you how to do this on a VPS or Dedicated server quite easily (easier than you think!). It's always a smart idea to learn how to do this yourself as you will need to know how to remotely install to a box!

    But for $15 from the bidder above, it would save you time. Good luck
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    Thanks idfresh for the advice anyone else this can do this ?

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    The settings need to be customized based on the actual requirement. The settings will not be same for a game server and web server. So kindly drop a mail with the details to ssgeok at , an administrator with more than 5 years experience will get back to you.

    Also you can reach me at ssgeok on AIM.

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    I can do this for $30 + monthly maintanenance and support ($10). Secure hardening + Server Setup + iframe prevention + Apache mod sec rules = 50$ one time + monthly updates of packages and security check (10$ permonth)

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    I will charge $10 for this. Please email me. MSN:[email protected]


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