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    Limiting http connections in whm


    Is there any way to limit the connections per ip in whm or cpanel? I searched but couldn't found any solution.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    P.s: Normally how many connections/ip do you think is normal on a busy site?


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    CSF can do that for you, normal limit is something 25-30, actually it can be even 5 connections but definitely not more than 30

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    sorry for the dumb question what is CSF?

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    It stands for Config, Security, Firewall - Here you go:
    AFAIK it can be handled via cPanel. BTW what OS are you using? Centos I assume? On FreeBSD it can be done in much much less actions.

    CSF will check number of connections every amount of time you will set in config and will add to temporary (or permanent) ban.

    Gosh...hope I was understandable? Because I'm not sure about it now))

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    I have ConfigServer Security&Firewall in whm i looked at the main options but couldn't found any ip limitation option. Can you guide me where to set this option?

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    Open your /etc/csf/csf.conf with your favorite text editor, find following line:

    # Connection Tracking. This option enables tracking of all connections from IP

    Main parameters are:


    There is a comment before every settings which explains what that setting states for. You should be able to set up your csf without any problems.

    Oh, do not forget to restart your csf!:

    csf -r

    in the console

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    Thank you for the help. I am going to test it

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    You're welcome =)

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