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Thread: Partner needed.

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    Exclamation Partner needed.


    I'm in need of a partner who is experienced in the web hosting field, knows how to work WHM, WHMCS. You will need to be able to code xHTML and CSS, this is vital as we will be sharing any job loads we get.

    Obviously, I won't be able to trust anyone and people won't be able to trust me, however I am expecting some finance towards Either in the form of a WHMCS license, which you can easily reversed with WHMCS and get a replacement to sell or use if some how you fail to trust me.

    I'm not asking for anyone to put all the funding in, currently, all I need is a person who knows what they are doing to help me with management and maintenance and purchase a WHMCS as my license isn't coming through and my budget has been cut short.

    All income will be split 30% each. Which leaves 40% for billing costs and possible other staff.

    If you wish to help me and be a part of a new generation hosting site, message me or post below that your interested.

    Use this format when messaging:

    When posting:
    Name: (Not full)
    MSN/YIM/GTalk OR Email: Yes/No

    Thanks very much.
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    Thanks for your interest. You've been emailed.

    For others who wish to work with me, I will give you until Friday, 6PM BST.

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    Add me on AIM s/n: MarkMuyskens and we can discuss this.

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    Sorry Mark, I don't use AIM. YIM, GTalk or MSN only. Very sorry, feel free to PM me your email if you like.

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    Name: Matt
    Age: 19
    Location: NE Ohio
    MSN - Support [at] hostmist[dot]com (replace [at] with @ and [dot] with .)
    Experience: Three years of web hosting experience with 2+ years of server administration. Plenty of experience with cPanel / WHM / Fantastico / WHMCS / Cent OS 5.x Cent OS 4.x . Looking to own equipment so if you want to own equipment, that would be a plus.
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    Sorry Matt. It seems you already own or work with a hosting site. This partnership would offer you anything, only take. So I'm going to have to turn you down. Concentrate on one thing at a time. Contact LiteSrv when your in need of a job and not currently with another host.

    To other users:
    I am accepting no more applications, unless you feel you stand out strongly, you may PM me.

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