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    Anyone from WiredTree

    Tried to set up VPS with them last night - seems that credit card holder and person to contact must be the same. They were supposed to contact me again this morning but so far nothing heard.

    If anyone from WiredTree is monitoring can they please contact me.

    Andrew Wilkins (Account name: Jorg Senne)

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    They are a good provider, I've seen many good reviews about them. If you still not receiving any response, I'd recommend send them an email or give them a call.

    Hope all goes well for you with them.
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    Did you try contacting them directly? Their numbers are listed on their webiste:

    Toll Free: 1-866-523-8733
    Local: +1 312-447-0510
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    I've sent an email to Zac and I'm waiting on Live Chat for a response...

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    A little patience would go a long way, you only started this last night and I'm sure you set off some red flags so they are taking extra precautions.

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    Just talked to them - ticket had been put in wrong section... all sorted...

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