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    Help: Re-Selling A Hosting Package


    I'm new to this forum and no very very little about web hosting or indeed anything about the technical things about it.

    Basically I have recently been screwed over by my hosting company (WebFusion) meaning I have to pay for another year of hosting which I don't want or need. I was just wondering whether there is any way of 'renting' this hosting to anyone and getting paid for it.

    If so how do I find people, how do they pay and how do I let them use my hosting? becuase Obviously I dont want them to have access to my account details and bank details so hence wouldnt really want to give them my username and password.

    I have a Webfusion Windows VPS package that cost me 123.51 for 12 months.

    I dont really know much of the spec, you'd have to look it up.

    But basically I'd like to try and get as much of this money back as possible.

    Any help or advice would be much appreciated,


    Jamie Cooper

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    If the charge wasn't warranted, why not issue a chargeback? I am not an advocate for chargebacks, but if you are in the right, sometimes you have to do it.
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    You might want to consider putting an "ad" in the "Other Offers and Requests" section here on WHT. Depending on the specs of the VPS, and if you are willing to take a small hit to recover some of your funds (selling for less than face value), then I am sure someone will take it off your hands.


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    I can't get the charges back becuase apparently it says in the terms and conditions that unless i notify them 30 days before the first year of hosting ending, then I am legally liable to pay for the next whole year regardless of whether I want it or not. VERY ANNOYING!

    I will put an ad in the forum as you reccomend.

    Is there some easy way of doing it that I don't know about or would I literally just have to give the buyer the account login details?

    Or.. is the hosting company likely to allow me to just change the name payment card and address on the account?

    I would be more than willing to sell for a lot less than I paid for it. Any money is better than none, right!



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    Jamie, I am sure that once you have a buyer, you can login as you to the site's billing section, and modify all ther pertinent details to reflect the new "owner". If you cannot delete information such as CC info, then open a ticket with the sales team, who I am sure can help you out!

    Good luck.

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    Cheers, Timelord.

    can you give me a link to the thread i need to post in as im having trouble finding it.

    "Other Offers and Requests"

    What kind of information will people require in an 'ad'?

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    I would guess in the following section would be correct.

    Mods, if I am wrong, please let me know.

    As for the actual copy of the ad, put in what happened, and that you are simply looking to unload the VPS. Have the specs of the VPS, along with the location, and the price you are willing to accept. There are some rules on WHT with regards to selling products (I am not overly familiar with them), so you may want to have a look through the rules section too.


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