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    Semi-Dedicated question


    Are Semi-Dedicated based around a VPS setup?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dolphinecho View Post

    Are Semi-Dedicated based around a VPS setup?

    Semi-dedicated is a pointless way of saying VPS. Most people know about servers/dedicated servers but not always VPS. So the term "semi-dedicated" is used to describe VPS.

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    A Semi-Dedicated server CAN be a VPS setup, but certainly is not always the case.

    I dont know why the previous poster thinks its a VPS; as in most cases its not, but the service may differ from provider to provider.

    I like to think of a Semi-Dedicated as a shared-hosting server with just a few clients on it, hence giving you more processing power as a common shared-hosting server and often equal or (in some cases) larger resources available as a VPS.

    A major difference between a VPS and a Semi-Dedicated is that a Semi-Dedicated gives you less freedom in installing whatever you want; while on the other hand gives you a full pro-active managed service (like on a shared hosting account).

    I would say that a VPS and Semi-Dedicated are (looking at power) at equal positions in the market segment.

    So a common upgrade strategy could be : Shared hosting -> Semi-Dedicated OR VPS -> Dedicated Servers

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