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    Virtual ip

    Hello i was wondering what would be the best option for the least money what i am wanting to do is have a dns name for a small non buisness web page pointing to my virtual ip so i can serve the website from my computer i have everything set up and working on a no-ip name but they charge around 19.95 a yr to point to my .com name and they dont even register that for you so what would be the cheapest option for me as i only know of no-ip's virtual ip redirect service if all else fails i guess i could fork out however mutch my ISP would charge for a static ip.

    Thanx in advance for the replys

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    If you own a domain and just want it pointed to your IP#
    try this site

    This service works with static and dynamic ip#'s and is free.

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    thanx awesome service and cant beat the price!!!!

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