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    Cheapest hosting for shell script only?

    I'm having someone writing a shell script for me that will batch convert files and upload them to Amazon's S3. I was going to put it on an Amazon EC2 instance, but I'm realizing that EC2 is too expensive because i can't queue the requests. I need it running at all times. So I'm looking for a cheap shared or VPS account for nothing more than running a shell script, with a reasonable amount of bandwidth to allow for the file transfers. Any suggestions?

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    Depending on budget/reliability few ideas


    have a google for "shell accounts" use to be pretty decent many years ago
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    23 do a 20Gb disk VPS ("Miniserver") package with a 10Mbps unmetered (or a 20Gb/month metered) package for 9.95GBP.

    How cheap is cheap?

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    If going with VPS, id recommend very nice services and support there, and i belive not positive that they still half first month half price promo going on Best of luck! - web/shells/ircd/shoutcast hosting!
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    How much bandwidth and diskspace are you looking at here? I'm sure a lot of hosts will also let you customize if you talk to their support guys.

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    Thanks for the replies. I'll check out the suggested hosts.

    a2b2 - Thanks. Didn't know what to google for, and it never occurred to me that of course 'just shell script hosting' exists. Ha.

    @ItsJustHosting - Not much diskspace because it's just for processing files. Less than a couple gigs at any point. Bandwidth is at 10Gb per month, and will go up. The biggest issue I've found is not the specs, but about finding a host that will allow me to run shell scripts.
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    If it is a VPS account, you can "run what you like" on it (ok, some ISPs will have restrictions for things like IRCbots and some won't allow adult content etc).

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