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    Buyavps / Wiresix problem

    My buyavps host has been humming along fine until last week...then it started having trouble. First it was a process on the machine going down and then the whole VPS went down. I haven't had to get into the hypervisor for a long time, but now I find that the old buyavps hypervisors are down and I can't get anywhere on the site without a wiresix account.

    Emails to [email protected] bounce. Emails to [email protected] open tickets for me that I can't see because I don't have a wiresix login. Emails to info and sales also go unanswered. I've expressed that I don't have a login to view my tickets and still no response.

    Apparently posting on the forum actually gets a response. Can somebody help me? My VPS has been down since Friday! I've been trying to contact somebody over there since Saturday.

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    Try the contact details for Ryan from

    For what its worth no problems with our dedis there


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    I don't have access to that page. Maybe my account is too new. Could somebody DM me the contact info?

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    If your VPS is down, I don't see how WireSix can help you. They can't just go onto the node and mess with it.

    Buyavps's homepage says:
    Buyavps has been closed effective 08/01/2009
    I hope you made backups...

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    No systems have been deleted, harmed, or otherwise removed.

    Backups are available for any client that requires them, amikula's VPS was brought online so any backups could be made. In addition he was refunded his payment for a month of July. Apparently our emails regarding the shutdown never reached him.

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    I don't know why the emails didn't reach me, but hopefully you've brought [email protected] back online for other people who may have been missed. I checked the buyavps site several times this weekend to see if there was information about an outage or shutdown of any kind, and the site was advertising the service and sales like nothing unusual (like, say, a planned service shutdown) was going on.

    I used to work for a large ISP, so I understand better than most that it's impossible to catch everybody when you do a migration or service shutdown like this. Still, closing the [email protected] email and not changing the web site before today is a rookie move. I'm sure you won't make the same mistake for future migrations.

    Thanks for the refund, and for bringing the VM back online, but it shouldn't have taken a post to this forum to make that happen.

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