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    Server Setup question

    I have 2 questions,

    Question 1:

    I need to relocate one of our high traffic websites (at peak times 600 req/s) to a new server farm. This new server farm will span 10 servers which can be of any configuration of your choice.

    The website it self is written in PHP and uses MySQL as a backend. The content it self is mostly text with a large amount of concurrent downloads.

    Please describe how you would arrange this server farm and how you would handle the following issues :

    - Load balancing
    - Server failover
    - Security
    - Performance
    - Backups

    Also please try to go into as much detail possible describing which applications you would install on the servers and why. Also detail the hardware configurations you would choose. Feel free to lookup information on the internet to help you solve this scenario.

    Question: The new server farm is online and the increase in performance has allowed for additional growth. However soon the growth in traffic starts to overwhelm the database. In the evening the database becomes very unresponsive and often it rejects new connections with 'Too many connections'. Please let me know , how would you analyze and solve this problem? Can you please try to come up with a solution that allows for further growth. Additional machines are not an option

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    You should probably hire someone to help you do this, as it require a good working knoweldge of how your system works to best describe howto migrate it.

    Look at the requests sections, and remember to get people to show you examples of work they have done before.

    Hope you get some help.

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    I would contact a provider that deals with this sort of situation - I know that ServerBeach and SoftLayer both have a decent amount of experience when dealing with this sort of thing so you should probably contact them with your queries directly.
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    Is this a college homework question? If so, full points for initiative, but you could have reworded it so it didn't look like a copy and paste!

    If not, you may need to consider how you address people! We don't work for you yet!

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