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    Need an admin to setup server

    Hello WHT members.

    We have an opening for serversetup. We are looking for a dedicated admin to setup it.

    First of all, I have 2 questions about the setup,

    Question 1:

    As part of your job you have been asked to relocate one of our high traffic websites (at peak times 600 req/s) to a new server farm. This new server farm will span 10 servers which can be of any configuration of your choice.

    The website it self is written in PHP and uses MySQL as a backend. The content it self is mostly text with a large amount of concurrent downloads.

    Please describe how you would arrange this server farm and how you would handle the following issues :

    - Load balancing
    - Server failover
    - Security
    - Performance
    - Backups

    Try to go into as much detail possible describing which applications you would install on the servers and why. Also detail the hardware configurations you would choose. Feel free to lookup information on the internet to help you solve this scenario.

    Question: The new server farm is online and the increase in performance has allowed for additional growth. However soon the growth in traffic starts to overwhelm the database. In the evening the database becomes very unresponsive and often it rejects new connections with 'Too many connections'. How would you analyze and solve this problem? Try to come up with a solution that allows for further growth. Additional machines are not an option
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    The type of OS that is on these clusters would help, in providing a solution.

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    Cent OS 5

    We are planning to use Cent OS 5

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    Can you provide an e-mail address? We are not able to private message you on these forums. Thanks
    Matthew G.

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    - Load balancing - Pure Load Balance or HAProxy
    - Server failover - DHCP Failover
    - Security - DDOS Protection, Firewall, Anti-virus.
    - Backups - Via Cron job, backup are made automatically.

    I would go into detail, but that would be tell you how to do this yourself.

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    we can do it for you. I have heard about pj before. I think you are managing the african football league website. I can set it up for you. Please IM me at serveradminz4u (AIM)

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    On a Speck!!!!!

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    I have sent you a detailed description regarding the set up. Hope you received it. Thank you.

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