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    Please review my latest website design work

    I was hired to design a web hosting template for (a newly established web hosting company). Client did not have any specific requirement because he wanted to start his hosting business as soon as possible by launching his site.

    I worked on the template with full concentration and not as a “rush job” because creativity comes only when you are working with fresh mind. I designed the logo for the site as well. This is what I came up with.

    You can see the site live at

    I even designed an avatar for the client which can be used on discussions forums for advertising.

    Please review the site and let me know what you think about my work
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    Wow! That's really nice - good job! Its very professional and I like the color scheme. The logo is very simple and I like the shiny/glossy look.

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    wow great job right here

    hats off to you sir!

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    I am usually quite picky with these type of sites, One is the overall header it is nice but the pixels seem a bit lost, I like smooth content and this is very nice but some sections loose their pixels and it bugs me
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    I think it looks really good, nice touch with the wood background. don't know about the colors of the logo though, usually I recommend the header be kept a light color like white or gray, to increase the flexibility of the type of logo you can use.

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    good you did your work best

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    wow the design looks really good

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    Its nice. Simple, clean and you can read the text easily.

    Good job!
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    agreed clean and nice design....

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