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    What is a good server imaging program

    I know norton enterprise and acronis make a very good server imgaing software that can handle diff hardware changes, but the price tag is kinda ouch.
    Are there cheaper alternatives that work as well if not almost as well?

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    Have a look on Ghost I think it is open source.
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    What is the purpose? To deploy new servers are to backup existing ones?

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    Check out I think that's what you're after. It's a free, open-source system, which handles provisioning and imaging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Collabora View Post
    What is the purpose? To deploy new servers are to backup existing ones?
    I'm looking to back up existing servers and if one ever fails where I have to swap out for another server on the fly , I want to be able to move all the data over via image. Sometimes I might have different hardware in the new server.

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    Active Disk also has good features and has both linux as well as windows version for backup.
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    The OS I use is 2003, whichever program I use also has to be able to hot image since the servers can't be rebooted

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    I think active duisk imo very good experiances with them

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    Active Disk enterprise is like 2,600, that's like 2X acronis and norton enterprise

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