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    Redoing rack - how to better


    We plan to redoing one of our rack in the next weeks

    Server, switch and firewall of this rack will be move to new rack, so redoing cable and order at best.

    You known any video tutorial of how to better this ?

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    I haven't seen any other video, but maybe check out other datacenters and ask them for a quick tour. You may see how they do it

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    Keep cabling (and all equipment actually) neat, labeled and documented. Can't go wrong if you do the above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RackPoint-Morgan View Post
    Keep cabling (and all equipment actually) neat, labeled and documented. Can't go wrong if you do the above.
    ok, tx

    But think maybe interesting view how to make this better ..
    how fix cable, how fix pannel, how fix cable manager.. etc
    We need server tuning for improve mass mailing list. Please send PM if have knowledge

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    Get velcro cable straps, and one of those cable managers for your switch, so you can run the cables before and bundle them all nice and neat.
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    Putting your switch in the middle of the rack will cut down the total length of cabling needed. If you have the time and patience, doing cut-to-length patch cabling will minimize excess cabling to deal with.
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    The cabinet next to mine is a picture of beauty. A couple of things I have taken from it, and some of our own ideas.

    Switches in the middle (as previously stated).

    Run power down one side of the cabinet.

    Run network cables down the other side.

    Color coded cables (we use Red for network, Black for KVM, and Blue for backend network)

    Custom length cables are a good idea. Wastes less, and you can get a custom fit every time. However, there is nothing worse than standing in the hot aisle cutting and crimping cables for hours on end.

    Bunch up and velcro cable out of the way. You can purchase two sided velcro in a giant roll. Cut to size and bunch up your cables and move them out of the way. All you need is a pair of scissors.

    Know your cabinet. Certain cabinets have certain design specs with more space available in different areas. The Dell 4210's have a fair amount of space between the side cabinet wall and the area for the servers. Excellent space for bundling up power cables. NetShelters have a ton of room at the rear of the cab making your choices there a little more broad.

    Label everything (both ends). Invest in a good label maker. We use the Brother PT-1400. It supports easy swapping of label sizes, and also prints "repeated vertical" which is great for wrapping around cables. They even sell 1 inch "cable" tape which is flexible to work on copper and fiber cables (not to mention power cables). Only thing about the PT-1400 is that it tends to waste label and the keyboard isn't qwerty.

    The guy next to me had a really good idea. He took those flexible plastic cable guides (you know the ones that have notches in them every half an inch). He cut the mounts off them (its designed to mount to the side of a two post rack), and zip tied them to right side of the cabinet (inside the back) and runs all the cables in that. It's so clean I am jealous.

    At the end of the day you have to work around the servers that you have in your cabinet. If you have a bunch of full length servers (Dell 2950s for example) you aren't going to have a whole lot of space to work in the back of the cabinet. If on the other hand you have all SC512L cases, then you have a great deal more flexibility in what you can do at the back of the cabinet.

    Good luck and let us know how you make out.... maybe record a video yourself and post it to help out others in the future. - Fast. Reliable. Affordable.
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