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    cPanel easier to manage than Direct Admin?

    I think that cPanel seems to be easier to mange than Direct Admin in my opinion. Direct Admin isn't totally automated and requires more server management skills. Does Direct Admin provide free technical support to license holders like cPanel?

    Do many hosting companies know that you can click Support Center in root whm to get support from cPanel directly for your server related issues?

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    Yeah, it is easier to manage a server with Cpanel/WHM as it has a lot more configuration options and functions built in. DA does provide support with licenses however.

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    yes, its a lot easier than directadmin, you will have better support and most of the clients have already the knowledge to manage a cPanel account.

    yes, i have used the cPanel support center (ticket based) and i have always recieved a good response.

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    I personally find DirectAdmin easier to manage than cPanel... DirectAdmin really just uses core *nix services and configurations which you should already know.

    cPanel tends to rewrite everything and create "bloat" and also allows for less customizable options since configuration files seem to be mysteriously restored to their default state.

    DirectAdmin does in fact support license holders, you just need to contact support via email and they gladly help.

    If you want more control over your environment and are used to managing a server without a control panel then DirectAdmin is perfect -- It doesn't take over the whole system
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    +1 for DA. My support experience with cPanel was negative. They messed up one of our servers before when I needed their help. Anyway, it's long time ago, not sure how they are now. But John from DA is always helpful if you need him.

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    Big fan of cPanel here, and their tech support has always been helpful whenever we've needed them.
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    I think that CPanel is better than directadmin compare as in counting the icons available in CPanel and directadmin.
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    we support cpanel 110% too, and many of our clients swear by it as well. in terms of user-friendliness, i'd say cpanel wins
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    It depends on your skill level - cPanel is generally easier to manage for people not familiar with the command line and DirectAdmin may be "easier to manage" for people who prefer the command line.

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    Cpanel is more popular. It's easy to use and powerful. Also most softwares support Cpanel.
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    I like cPanel more due to the fact that it looks better and it has more plugins as well.

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    Cpanel is so much easier to use, and has alot more features and plugins

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    I prefer Cpanel too. It is very easy to use and learn.

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    DA get a thumps up from me
    Busy, busy, busy

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    Thanks for all the feedback, if ever at anytime I can assist anyone in anyway please feel free to contact me.
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    I think its all depending on which system you are used to. Direct Admin is a good control panel, just that majority of people are used to cPanel Control Panel. Direct Admin have a few advantage its affordable and stable.

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