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    Safari Copies Chrome.

    I don't like Safari 4. I like Google Chrome and Safari 3 much better. Your thoughts?

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    Initially, I liked IE, then IE6 then 7, but 8 went crazy on me.
    While using 7 in early release time I went to try Firefox as well, and since then loved it.

    Not a fan of chrome/ safari at all.
    Apple just keeps on dominating the market, in their own fashion, but wow, they have started copying others

    Can you link me to some article about this ?

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    I don't have an article but just a personal opinion on this.

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    I prefer Safari over any other browser. I dont know why, I guess i'm just a fan of that kind of UI I believe.

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    Lol, Safari and Chrome are both based on WebKit, thus the similarity. It's more like Chrome is copying Safari. And Safari 4 is way better than Chrome imo.
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    Chrome is great but it often parses web sites really nastily and sometimes has errors running code.

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    Safari copying Chrome... I'm pretty sure Chrome is using Webkit from Apple...

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    No wonder.

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    I think when its comes running the Javascripts Crome win the race as compare to the Safari as it is heavily optimized for the Javascripts.
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    Safari 4 is more heavy than chrome i think. but they both good.

    however IE is the most annoying for developer.

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    I like also safari
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    I like safari but you need to buy add-ons they're not for Free
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    Firefox with IE 8 far better.

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