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    Which version of MySQL is most adopted?


    Which version of MySQL is the most used version in webhosts? The latest version of MySQL is version 5.1.

    I am wondering because PHP5 which came out back in 2005 has still not been adopted in many web hosts.

    Is mysql 4 the most used or mysql 5.x ? Which is the most common mysql version?


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    There's no excuse for not using PHP5 at this point.....nor not using at least MySQL 5....

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    I understand. I am a web developer and am worried about using features of MySQL 5 in a project I am working on. Most of the users of my product will use them on a shared hosting server. I am worried I will exclude a huge section of the audience because of the MySQL 5 adoption problem.

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    I've seen mysql 5.0 mostly used recently, except older servers that have no reason to upgrade due to no development going on and they rely on old code and don't need features of mysql 5.0, those still run mysql 4. mysql 5.1 is used less, also due to major distributions not including it as default server yet.

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    I thinks its mysql5.0 as its more stable.
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    Yeah, it is Mysql 5.0.

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    Yeah I can agree with this..

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    even something like mysql 5.0.86

    5.1 is still not very used, however 4 is too old for now

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    Never use the latest "production worthy" release of MySQL. It's always the same old story... Beta quality at best.

    v5.0 over v5.1 any day of the week.

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    I would believe that everyone would say 5.0.

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