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    Toll free forwarding australia

    Does anyone know a good cheap company for toll free forwarding from australia to the philippines except ?

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    What's wrong with I am using them to forward calls from all over the world to the US and it worked great!
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    There are a number of different toll-free forwarding companies who offer services to Australia online - just do a quick search through a search engine - they are cheap enough to try - you'll soon know which is best for you.

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    i not really like the company tollfreeforwarding,unfriendly, complicated... im using now kal8 for us calls forwarding to the phils, now im looking for the cheapest from australia to the phils, was already looking longer, but cant find a good offer. maybe someone knows more?

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    Have you tried
    I have an account with them and have been very happy... Their rates appear to be .25/min. USD outbound from Australia to Philippines but I'd recommend calling to confirm as they only post it for their customers in the control panel.

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