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    Exclamation WHMCS 4.0 Billing & Support Software - Multi-Currency, Custom Cycles, Groups + more!

    WHMCS V4.0 Billing & Support Software

    WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution designed primarily with web hosts in mind.

    WHMCS has one of the most comprehensive feature sets of the billing solutions available today and is easily customisable and extendable for the developer's amongst you! With lots of options & the ability to have as much or as little automation as you want, WHMCS lets you quickly & easily take control of your business and focus on what's important.

    Come and see why so many other businesses are making the decision to use WHMCS with our fully functional 15 day free trial available @

    For more information and a demo, please see

    What's New in Version 4?

    Version 4 is a milestone release for WHMCS with the introduction of multi-currency support. Other new feature highlights include:

    • Support Ticket Escalation Rules and automated billing directly when replying to a ticket
    • Automated Refunds with gateways including PayPal,, Quantum Gateway & eWay so you never need to login to your account
    • Billable items which allow adding of items to bill with future invoices, on future dates or recur on custom cycles for preset time periods
    • Client groups with the ability to set suspension/termination/pricing overides per group
    • Ability to force the generation of an invoice for products & services renewals early
    • Batch PDF invoice downloads for snail-mail invoices and record keeping
    • Password strength checking and minimum requirement validation
    • Customisable admin area layout/design and all new Web 2.0 default templates

    ...and much, much more! Full details available on our website & forums.

    If you have any questions, please post on our forums or open a support ticket here and one of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Thanks for reading!
    The Complete Client Management, Billing & Support System

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    Where can we find help on Vision Helpdesk integration with WHMCS as support module?

    We are looking at -

    Tried posting on WHMCS forums but no luck

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