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    must haves for your server?

    I've asked this question before but wasn't specific with my question so....

    I just got me a new dedicated server and i thought i was good to go until my image hosting site wasn't working properly {couldn't upload images and a few other issues]. I e-mailed the guy who made the image script for me and he told me " You should install GD2 library to your php on server.
    Please, contact your sys admin and ask him to install GD2."

    Now to my question... What are some must-have software that should be installed on all servers so that i wont have anymore issues with my sites.

    I currently have 3 vbulletin website, a custom image hosting site and a Joomla site.

    Thanks for all the help guys.

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    Most important would be having LAMP and all its related modules installed. You should be fine running most sites so long as LAMP is installed and configured properly.

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    If you are asking specifically for PHP extensions, these are the ones that are not always on by default yet many scripts need them to work properly: cURL, GD 2, Image Magick, CRON, SSH, mcrypt, PDO (with drivers for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite etc), MySQLi...

    For MySQL, InnoDB table engine is often requested because it supports foreign keys, indexes and transactions (works best with PDO).

    When you are running on Apache, people usually need mod_rewrite.

    And there are many more useful things you could have installed on a server. But it doesn't make sense to install all you can on a server, install just what you (your clients) need.

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