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    Moving Vps users


    This week I will change from VPS provider, and know the question is how I have to copy all my users( admin, resellers and normal users ) to the new vps.

    I have backups on another ftp of each account on the server, so when I restore this backups it would be enough?

    Controlpanel = directadmin



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    From what I understand from your post, most VPS hosting providers can migrate your info for you for free. You should ask the providers you are looking at about this though.

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    yes, your new provider will probably move it for free, just ask them!
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    Most providers will offer to do this for you for free if you are moving to the same control panel... If your new host does not then you will need to use the Admin Backup/Transfer system in your DirectAdmin control panel.
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    ask your new provider

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