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    Talking Looking for partner.

    I am currently looking for a partner whom would be interested in teaming up to expand. Investment wise, not a whole lot is needed, I am indeed buying equipment out of pocket, and I've spent a lot on a new design (expected to go up soon) so all that would be left is colo fees and licensing (cPanel etc) to take care of (we will work out the fine details upon our little chats.)

    Being a partner, you should be able to do any of the following:
    Marketing etc

    Mention any experience you have in any hosting field whether it'd be VPS, Shared, Dedicated, etc.

    If you are interested, and would like to know more, send an e-mail to admin [at] hostmist [dot] com and I will attempt to get back to you. If you have MSN, you can add support [at] hostmist [dot] com and we can do a live chat.

    Thanks for reading and looking forward to your responses soon
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    PM, i have something that might interest you and can create great partnership between us

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