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    yet another new hosting site

    just fishing for opinions

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    If you're looking for opinions on the site listed in your www link, which I'm guessing you are, it's OK. I would make a few suggestions though, starting with the logo. The logo is particularly hard to read against the background and doesn't give you much of an "image" or "identity."

    On a second note, your page seems oddly spaced. The text runs together and is somewhat hard to read. I'm not sure if it's because it's in all caps or if it's due to the font size, but I had a difficult time reading through some of it. Also, you may want to try bringing the page down a bit or center it. It has a "cut off" look to me. You should also add your logo to your forum, replacing the XMB logo for a little more personalization.

    On a good note, your content is thorough and the site is easy to navigate.

    Good luck to you.

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    Is it me, or does the webpage load incredibly slow?

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    I think its you, here it launches in ab out 1-2 seconds.

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    Originally posted by progex
    Is it me, or does the webpage load incredibly slow?
    Yep, loaded very slow. The entire page is just a sliced image.

    Sorry, I think it needs work. The pages are not uniformed, and have no life to them. On the web design page, are those samples of your work? The reason I'm asking is because your site doesn't reflect any traits/skills to them.

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    I like the simplicity of it, although with it being one big image your not giving search engines any content to crawl, I would also consider changing the green blocks to something lighter or to the tan color in the second one, I think the logo would look a little better if you took out the bevel and moved the shadows to the right of the words and one more thing, you may want to change your forum colors to match that of your website and include your own logo instead of XMB's, you can do this through the admin. panel. This is only my .02 worth and I hope you take it in a good way - short URL service

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    as for search engine content, the SE will see all the ALT tag content for the pics. The alt tags just mimic the text in the pic.

    But i think im gonna redesign it, it was an early template so I think I will use one of my better ones.

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