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    I am looking for redundancy with two VPS platforms in two data centers.

    I am looking for redundancy with two VPS platforms. I was with and they can seem to keep the services active, but their claim to fame id the node never goes down, just everything else goes down. I paid to migrate our platform to their (cloud) hosting platform 7 days ago. In that time the platform has gone down twice and our CRM applications are all down. I submitted a trouble ticket for assistance with permission errors and CRM application not working and I get a response “We would greatly appreciate your patience as we upgrade our services however it can take another 1 - 2 days.”. I trying to run a business and I can seem to find a VPS provider that can keep their platform up and running (node and associated services) for more then a week.

    I’m looking for a hosting company that could provide two VPS platforms in two deferent data centers that will synchronize the content and databases. GEO DNS routing would be nice as well. I need 100% uptime and can seem to find a financially healthy hosting company that can pull it off with one platform.

    I currently have the following VPS platform:

    cPanel 11.24.5-S37946 - WHM 11.24.2 - X 3.9
    CENTOS 5.3 x86_64 xen
    Apache recompiled to enable suPHP and GD to accommodate max file permissions of 755.
    Multibyte Strings PHP extension (mbstring) active.

    I would greatly appreciate the advise from some skilled experts in the hosting business, regarding the above proposed solution.
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    Sounds like you need a fully managed service.
    I would go with someone like wire tree or the other managed VPS providers you see been talked a lot about.
    They should develop a custom solution for you.
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    Sounds like I should have post this in the Managed Services form. Thanks for your feedback.

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    Zany I'm not sure how that helps the OP. He's requesting a provider that has multiple datacenters (which as great as WT is they do not).

    Something like this you would want to try to find someone that has unlimited private network traffic between the two VPS accounts (in seperate DCs).

    I don't know of anyone that is doing all of this AND syncing your data for you. I've set up this type of thing before but I had to do it manually.

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    Thanks for the input! My problem is I the skills to set it up myself and can not seem to find anyone / hosting company that offers the kind of redundancy I need in a off the self offering.

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    Hi Greg,

    Your configuration is perfect for cross facility failover. Have you searched the VPS forum for such product? Per the WHT rules providers are not allowed to offer products in this section of the forum.

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    Thanks, but I have not seen anything as of yet. I was looking for input from industry expert in hope of find someone.

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    LiquidWeb may be able to provide a suitable solution.

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    Try they seem perfect for your requirements. as they have

    * Four datacenters across the US
    * Guaranteed Resources using ZEN
    * HA and Clustering Support.
    * Managed/hosted DNS service with slave support

    The only thing which won't suit you is that its a a UNmanaged service. meaning host is responsible for node issues like network and hardware. rest things mainly software part is YOUR responsibility. so if you have a some permission issue or need to install mbstring they won't help you.

    Then you can always get support from Server Management Companies. I recommend AdminGeekz. they do have some experience with HA Clusters and Load Balancing.

    Best of luck with your Search

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    Thank you everyone for your assistance. Good information!!

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    You could try eUKHost and their Business hosting which mirrors data between 2 servers. It is however, in the same datacenter, and not a VPS.

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    Geodns is not necessarily a good answer for you.

    What you are really looking for is distributed failover, or load sharing.

    Where geodns does help, if the provider has the capability, is the ability to balance the load across multiple distributed servers while healthy, but be able to redistribute the load amongst remaining healthy servers during problem or maintenance periods. Not every provider can do this.

    The reason it is rare as a packaged offering is that it is the domain of specialist dns providers using custom software. The software is not publicly available.

    You go out and get some servers and then buy the dns services separately from a dns service provider.
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    My methodology was if we had an East cost and a West coat data center to use the GEO DNS routing to send the user to the fastest point based on server response. Thanks for the information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregwooten View Post
    My methodology was if we had an East cost and a West coat data center to use the GEO DNS routing to send the user to the fastest point based on server response. Thanks for the information.
    Yes, I was pointing out the overlap in functionality, and that you have to be careful to check that it is there. The vendors are not all equally capable.

    In your case, the priority is, from reading your post,

    #1 failsafe (must have)
    #2 geo load balance (nice to have)
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    Using a third party DNS service, what is the metrics for testing for server failure and how long for the third party DNS service to redirect the traffic?

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    eukHost is not good not for you

    eukHost is not good not for you and not for anybody...
    I had a terrible experience with them ( permanent servers downs, very low uptime, and terrible support attention), and now I am enjoying from 100% VPS uptime and daily backups at Servint, with an incredible support !

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    I'm using DNSMadeEasy as a cheap and basic failover, it's not the most robust solution but it works fine for me.

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    Doesn't FUTUREHOSTING also offered managed services for a slightly higher price? I suggest them highly for VPS!
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