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    12 Months Later - A Sharkspace Hosting Review

    NOTE: Sorry for the lack of formatting but I do not have those options as I am not a regular at WHT.

    Well, I will admit I am not a regular at, but I returned after wanting to find some information out about Go-Daddy (my friend needs a website and registered a domain name with them) Naturally I had bad thoughts because of all of the things I have heard about Go-Daddy. Before I switched my friend to Sharkspace, I just wanted to be objective and see if Go-Daddy was still all that bad. Well my assumptions were reinforced and I continued to initiate a domain transfer, and had my friend sign up with Sharkspace Hammerhead hosting.

    I should mention I had my friend use my affiliate link banner, which I had literally signed up for and put on my website minutes prior because I wanted to take advantage of the 50 dollar payout! (I will not get this money until 70 days from now, which I am totally fine with because I will be using the money to pay for my hosting anyways, and understand Sharkspace's need to ensure customers that sign up through one's affiliate banner are there to stay for a while at least).


    At any rate, this experience today made me want to do a follow up review of Sharkspace, 12 months later from my first (ok) review here:

    Let me get to the point for those who don't feel like reading the rest...SHARKSPACE IS AWESOME. There are other good hosts out there for sure, but Sharkspace is fabulous, no regrets.


    The experience which I will be talking about revolves around my following activity with sharkspace... This is including domains and hosting packages I have signed up for personally, and that I have helped other people sign up for (who are not familiar with hosting or domains), and that I continue to manage/deal with.

    - I have registered 9 domains
    - I have registered 7 hosting accounts (2 Great Whites and 5 Hammerheads)
    - I have transferred 2 of the 9 domain names from other registrars (Go-Daddy and another one I can't remember)

    First and foremost, all hosting accounts were ready to go the next day, no problems (domain name propagation took a little bit longer obviously). All websites have experienced 100% up-time to date.


    The client area is wonderful, whith a direct link from Sharkspace’s home page. Log in and all the management options are accessible from this page. Click to access the knowledgebase, submit a ticket, view your account details (which are also displayed on the sidebar at all times), as well as manage services (which is their way of saying hosting packages), domain settings, ticket history, affiliate information, as well as a page that shows all the emails that they have sent you, in case you deleted them from your inbox!

    My favorite is the “My Domains” link, which I use a lot. It brings you to the domain management page which initially shows you all of the domains you have with Sharkspace, color coded by status (pending, active, terminated), with “edit” buttons next to each domain name. When you click on the edit button it takes you to a simple page that has everything you need to know or get to as far as domain name management is concerned. Nameservers, Lock/Unlock, DNS Management, Contact Info, etc… is all there.

    I have had experience with Yahoo, Bluehost, Go_Daddy, and Servage and can say that I had to go through multiple screens in order to get access to all of the domain management options I needed. Sharkspace gives you one screen where you choose the domain name you want to manage, and then a management screen for that domain name where you have access to anything and everything you would need to change.

    I love the uniform layout and appearance where you are not bombarded by different display layouts that can be confusing. I was informed that the Sharkspace website was going to be redesigned at the end of the month, but I assume it will only get better. Another plus is that Sharkspace is not a postmodern advertising whore so to speak. What you see on the website is related to Sharkspace.


    The cpanel is pretty standard. Easy to use and lets me add domain names and subdomains, also includes Fantastico which lets me conveniently automatically install a wide variety of scripts including my favorite, Wordpress.


    Over the past year I have never waited more than 15 minutes for a support ticket reply. I should mention that most of the tickets were responded to in less than 10 minutes. I should also mention this is 24/7. They are easy to submit and I always get the problem solved the same day. I also really like the feature they included that automatically updates a list of knowledgebase topics LIVE while I am typing my concern/question in the support ticket window, so before I send the ticket I might realize that the answer might already be in what they call their Knowledgebase. (I am lazy and submit tickets but this feature is great so it does keep people like me from submitting tickets all the time lol).


    The live chat feature is awesome as well. It is available 8AM-5PM Monday-Saturday | Central Time (US & Canada)

    Live Help can be used for:
    Pre-sales Questions
    Technical Questions (except in-depth elaborate technical questions), which you can just use the ticket system for.

    I normally only wait for about 20-30 seconds for someone to come on to the live chat and start answering my questions.


    One time I transferred a domain, but forgot to OK it on the other end, and so it got cancelled, but I went ahead and initiated another transfer with Sharkspace, paying another 10 dollars because I am an idiot, this time I remembered to OK it on the other end though. A week later I decided to see if I could get that 9.95 back and submitted a ticket telling them what happened. He replied “I just credited your account 9.95” which got used to pay for my hosting, which was totally fine with me. It was great.

    Earlier today I was on Live Chat about their affiliate program because I needed to log out in order to create a new account for my friend, but they do not have a logout button! It is kind of funny that that was overlooked but the representative on live chat told me the site was going to be redesigned at the end of August 2009 (this month).


    When you deal with Sharkspace you deal with reasonable people who deal with each of their customers on a case by case basis. I’ve had nothing but an excellent experience with my hosting or domain name management at Sharkspace. They continue to provide awesome service and do not pack their customers on servers like sardines. I get true 100gb space, and true bandwidth. I have yet to reach the 1TB limit/month, which I never will, but I have to believe with a track record like theirs you could safely presume that you actually get a true 1TB/month transfer limit. Their prices are extremely competitive and if you are worried about a couple dollar difference with another host, its safe to say you won’t regret choosing Sharkspace.


    Their promotional code which gets you 50% off for life is an AMAZING deal as well, I will not put it in this post because I don’t know if they like that kind of thing, but if you search the WHT forums you will find the promotions that Sharkspace representatives post.

    Thanks for reading! I hope this changed some minds and helped those of you who are intimidated by the tons of hosting companies. Among the other good hosts out there, Sharkspace should definitely be on your list of options!

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    Thanks for the in depth review! Glad you are having a good experience with them.

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    Glad to hear that Shark Space is really an awesome host.
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    Thanks for your long and indepth review. Glad to hear you are a satisfied customer. Don't forget to update us again.

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    WONDERFUL review!

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    I love reading reviews like this, makes smaller hosts aspire to becoming like the larger ones. Thank you so much for your testimonial!

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    Wow! Thank you for this excellent review of SharkSpace.
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    I wish they had that 50% off again on their VPSs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmwwht View Post
    I wish they had that 50% off again on their VPSs.
    Maybe try to contact them instead?

    OP: Good review by the way.
    Specially 4 You
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    WOW! Great review. Thanks for sharing.
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    This is an excellent review of SharkSpace, I personally was going to go with them but was not too familiar with them so did some research and could not find what I was looking for so whent elsewhere.

    However, This opens my eyes on this company, Perhaps dealings in the future may take place ;0

    Such an amazing review of SharkSpace, Good Luck to both parties and happy hosting!
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    Very nice review! Thanks for sharing your experience with us!
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    Thank you for you review. I'm doing a search right now and this helped me a lot!

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    Wow that's one long and detailed review. Glad to hear you're happy with them. That would help a lot on people who might feel like signing up with them as well.

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    I have one of my personal domains hosted with them myself, 100% satisfaction so far 0% downtime in the last month i have been with them. support is insanely fast and professional. Over-all a top notch webhost!
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    Great review! Personally I love their website, looks very nice and catchy.

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    nice review, i will try this hosting for my next project

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevenbaps View Post
    nice review, i will try this hosting for my next project
    Best of luck and never forget to give us a review.

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