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    Thumbs up How IP transit works?

    Can anyone explain how IP transit works? An EU IP transit company who has 5 pop in different country has different pricing for the bandwidth. when they own ASN and have pop in 5 locations.
    Whom do these wholesale bandwidth player pays? To tier1 companies?
    An US wholesale bandwidth company has same pricing for USA/NL/DE but the company in EU has different pricing for SE/FI/DE/Russia.


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    That's a difficult question to answer. Basically your IP transit provider may be simply reselling direct ports from their upstream provider(s), or they may have their own mix of providers over their own small backbone or they have some tier 1 providers and basic peering arrangements. Knowing the companies name or AS number might help us to pin down some of the infrastructure or connectivity that the provider might have.

    I'm not surprised that they'd have different pricing for different geographic locations as ports/colocation in different regions may have completely different costs, demands, bandwidth/equipment/power limitations etc.
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