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    * Chicks dig web hosts. why not start one?

    Discover my step by step blueprint to making an easy 6 figures a year hosting the websites of other people.

    Hello All!

    Dan Brock here. I have been in the hosting business for over 7 years now and boy was the ride wild. When I first started, I had every doubt in the world. I was afraid my business would fail and that I wouldn't get any customers. In fact, after the first year, I was dangerously close to failure. That is, until I started to realize what it was that I was doing wrong, and what it was that I was doing right.

    Introducing the HostLauncher Course.

    I have compiled a step by step course detailing everything you need to do to start your hosting business and how to make it a 6 figure a year earner. I cover extensively everything you need to do right, and all the pitfalls you need to stay away from.

    It's almost like I am sitting there next to you telling you exactly what you need to do.

    Here is what I cover in my course:

    Part 1: Web Hosting Boot Camp
    This part of the course I will teach you all the fundamentals behind running a web hosting business. This section is for the complete newbies who know nothing about starting a web hosting company. This part is your crash course to starting a web host

    Part 2: The Blueprint
    I cover everything you need to do, in a step by step manner, to get your web hosting company online. I will show you how to build a website that sells, and how to setup your software so that it all works together.

    Part 3: The Advertising
    This is a gold mine. I show you every website where you can advertise your web hosting business - and many of these places are completely free to use. I have personally tested and earned money from each of the websites on the list - so you can do it too. This part is worth the price of the course alone.

    I also include a special section that uncovers my top secret ninja advertising techniques that hardly any web hosts know about.

    But hurry...the price is going up soon!

    I am currently pricing HostLauncher at $47. However, I am going to raise it to $77 in 3 days as I am done testing my different pricing structures. I have determined that I can make more money by offering this course at $77, so hurry and buy it before it is no longer $47.

    My 45 day guarantee.

    I am so certain that you will make money off my methods that I am offering a 45 day money back guarantee. If you actually do something, and fail to get customers within those 45 days I will personally refund you your money. I am that confident that you will be successful with my course if you follow what I say.

    Have questions or comments?
    I am looking forward to any questions or comments you have. Please reply here if you need any assistance - I will gladly offer my help!
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    Download my eBook + Videos: Starting your own successful web hosting company.
    Learn from a web host with 7 years of experience.

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