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    Will 2 websites, similar products, confuse Google?

    I'm a bit confused with how google finds your website/content pages.

    I have an ecommerce store and obviously want to promote it. BUT I also have an eBay store with similar products. eBay has generated an rss feed for me so google uses that.

    Two questions:

    1. How do I get my website/products noticed (eBay store is already noticed on google)? Is this where an rss feed comes in?

    2. Because I have 2 sites with similar products, will google be confused and cause problems in finding things?

    So far, most of the things I search for are showing up on my eBay store and NOT my website. I started creating www.cactusandcoyote at the end of June, so I know it's a little early. Just want to get things rolling as fast as I can.

    I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks.


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    Hi Annie,

    Yes, the issue you have is commonly referred to as "duplicate content". If you do a google search online for "SEO duplicate content", you will find a lot of good information on how to handle this.

    Basically, in order to get your products ranked in the search engines you will have to make sure the content is unique and not duplicated. When you provide duplicate content to ebay and your website, Google has to decide who should be considered the true owner of the content. Since ebay is considered an "authority" website, Google gives precedence to ebay instead of your website.

    And yes, if you just launched a website in June then it will take some time to get ranking. Getting indexed can happen overnight, but getting your site to show up for top keyword searches will take some time and require significant time and effort.

    Also - if you haven't done this already, make sure you upload your products to Google Base. It's a great source for free traffic

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    The same products are not a problem but you do need to vary the descriptions and the text you use. Google looks at the title tag on your page first and to get ranked you need incoming links using anchor text that contains those key words that appear in your page title. Ebay is good in that it is a recognised resource but this does not mean you can't do better with your site or sites. You could run a dozen different sites selling the same things.

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    Thank you to both of you. Looks like I have some reading to do. LOL

    I'm assuming when you say upload my items to google base, you mean my website? My eBay store has already provided me with a feed. Do I make my own .xml file for my website and upload it this way?

    Thanks again,

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    Google is a bit strict about having duplicate content on a website. This being the case, there is a possibility that your two sites could "share" PR and SERP. If you want a higher ranking, then you should revise content so that they are different and get indexed separately.

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    Again, thanks! The links help a lot!

    Happy Thursday!

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