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    Lightbulb Need your professional advice

    I keep my website on UK based host, but most sending emails vanish and customer from other countries do not receive them. I think this is problem with my host. Maybe lot of spam sending from it and some mailsites blocked it.
    I need very respectable host, I am not speaking about money, I am speaking about quality. Please, advise me

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    Research on different companies, use email blacklister checker before buying any hosting service. It'll help you.

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    Have you contacted your current host about this issue? What did they advise?

    Have you checked your hosting IP in blacklists, etc to make sure it's not listed there? I know this should be the responsibility of the hosting company but if you find an issue, you could inform them.

    So when you send an email all UK clients get the email but anyone outside the UK doesn't?

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    reject all emails
    and many others too
    I have a host with

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    You can check to see if your mail IP/server is blacklisted by using some of the tools available here.

    If you are looking for another host there are thousands as you know. I would at least look at the following as they all have an excellent reputation around here:

    Cartika Hosting (have used for 4+ years)
    Downtownhost (hear good things)
    InnoHosting (hear good things)

    There are many others, but those are who I have been telling clients I develop for to look at and consider.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blacksnow09 View Post
    reject all emails
    and many others too
    I have a host with
    The reason I asked so many questions is to ensure it's an actual "host" issue. I'd hate to see you switch hosts only to have the same issue continue.

    As mentioned, have you brought this up with them?

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    how can I check IP in blacklist or not?

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