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    DV2 Customers *Read*

    I spoke with a chris at DV2 this evening regarding their network being down. He stated that the router graphs were showing very large amounts of incoming traffic and that everything was down. he says when he first started working at dv2 they had 100% uptime and that since they switched providers everything has been going down often. also i forgot to not he stated he is contacting Ed i guess he is a network admin and ed can help get everything backup or call require providers and he said the traffic is going down but all sites seem to be down still when i try to access them.

    he said anyone who wants info on the downtime, possible compensation etc. should e-mail.... [email protected]

    hope that helps all you DV2 customers and people who colo with them.
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    not everything was down - and there is not neccesarrily a correlation with *rearranging* providers although that can add instability - this was a DoS that has occurred 1 time a aweek for hte last 3 weeeks against the same server which has now been removed permanently from our network. Prior to that we were bringing up the new proividers andthere was a couple of periods of instability. I believe things will be fine now except for the occasional bump in the road that everyone has.

    please see the other thread- it explains more detail- this one is redundant

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    .. As Sailor said, please refer to the other thread. There is no need to duplicate information that has been already covered or posted.

    Thread closed.
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