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    What is it called?


    I am looking for a PHP script but don't know what it called or what it would be categorise under.

    So I am looking for a PHP script that allow visitors/members to browser the net without leaving my website.

    What is this called?
    Have you got any recommendations?

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    Do you mean like a proxy script? Or can you make do with frames that lets your users go somewhere else while still being on your website?

    I would suggest using a frame instead of running a web proxy as web proxies attract a ton of unwanted traffic (eg. people using it for the wrong reaons ). Plus, frames are super easy to set up.

    Good luck

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    I presume you mean iframes?
    How would I go about doing this, like where do the person put the url and I would need a go button the make that work, so a form.

    What about if I had a web proxy for members only thought not sure if they would be free member, but I would be able to monitor it a bit better.

    What would look better?

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    Well, any sort of frame will work, including iframes. You will need some javascript to set the frame's src to the user specified URL, but that's all relatively easy to do.

    If you choose to go down the proxy path, be sure that your host allows proxies since they are fairly resource intensive. IMO, Unless you have a good reason to use a proxy, I would do a bit of work with frames/iframes + javascript. Proxies are just a honeypot for abuse and a lot slower in terms of loading the content.

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    Yes, Frame is the word.
    It divides / partitions the web page into horizontal & vertical portions.

    Idea for you would be go for a horizontal partition, of 15 & 85 percent and keep your website's header / etc in the upper frame and users area in the lower one, and don;t forget to remove the frame borders , by default they come, but will give an ugly look to the page, plus make sure, they are not re-sizable.

    Hope this helps.

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