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    Sharing a Rack - Advice

    If one was to get a full rack but only really needed half....any suggestions or ideas on possibly setting it up so we could possibly rent the other half ? Not looking to resell (well yes/no) the other half, just looking to split the cost for a full rack....

    I know there's going to be alot more involved like access, networking, etc but it's a idea I'm exploring...

    The reason why it's full instead of half (which is all we would want) - is the provider in question only has full racks.

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    I'll be honest with you, we have a few full racks but due to power constraints they are less than half full but can't take any more kit. Do you have enough power in your rack?

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    U bring up a good point. I totally was thinking about space and not the power in the rack.

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    I second the power issue, make sure that you've got at least 40amps, with a single 20 amp circuit in a full rack you're not going to be doing much. And as far as I know DC's can't put more than two 20 amp circuits to the same rack, due to fire codes etc etc.

    If you can have a 20amp circuit each though sharing a rack would be realistic.
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    Only some DC's limit you to 40A. Avoid these DC's if at all possible.

    Personally I wouldn't setup a rack and expect to fill it with anything less than 60 amps total (48 usable amps) worth of power. Most providers can provide this.
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    You can always get 30AMPS 220v which will give you 60AMPS (110v) and do the separation of power amongst yourselves. 220v power is usually cheaper from the DC but the equiptment costs for the PDU's are higher.
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    Quote Originally Posted by larry2148 View Post
    And as far as I know DC's can't put more than two 20 amp circuits to the same rack, due to fire codes etc etc.

    I am not sure where this is but this isn't something I have heard of.

    I know I have put as much as 6x20 amp circuits in a single rack. It really is only about the cooling rather than the fire code.
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    We actually had two companies sharing a rack in our data center. I wasn't really involved with the setup of that account so I couldn't tell you all the details, but I imagine it helps if you find a company that you already have a close relationship with.

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    Having someone we know professionally or personally sharing a rack would be ideal.

    It would be nice to share a rack, as the price of a rack is *less expensive* per u footprint . The + side is that it's facility direct so we can have access via access cards, and it's not a issue about waiting for the *tenant* to arrive and let us into their rack/cage/etc.

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    The companies that restrict to 40 aren't doing it for fire code. They are doing because they dont have enough power or cooling, or both.

    Careful sharing a rack. Most facilities arent going to restrict access for you, so you are giving the other party free access to your cabinet. As others have mentioned, power can an issue. How do you make sure that neither are using more than their share. Maybe you should consider a 1/2 cabinet or just knowing you have extra space for growth is usually worth something.
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    Sharing a rack is okay if you know the personal very well. I wouldn't do with a perfect stranger. I would suggest to NEVER share equipment. I did this before and the other guy "made some assumptions" on what my VLANs were and took down all my metro-E connections. Not Good

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    Heh. Having too many hands ~in the switch~ was definately a concern.

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    Yeh if you know the person go for it...
    You may get problems with people touching stuff.
    Also power will be an issue, and power billing between the two.
    Personally I would just get a half rack, secure and easy.
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    As others have said, I would suggest going with a half rack. The headaches that are not only possible, but probably down the road aren't worth the cost savings to be had.
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    Trust is the keyword here. What would you do if your partners site attracts a ddos? It could take your sites offline as well.
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