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    Yubikey - experience

    For those of you who don't know:
    A Yubikey is a little USB key that generates a one-time password (or static password) which can be used for single or multiple factor (usually dual) authentication. These keys emulate a keyboard in order to simulate a user typing so that the device can enter the OTP (one time password) or static string into a textfield to authenticate the user.


    Has anyone had any experience with these devices? More importantly, is anyone using them in a production environment?

    I would be interested to hear the experience of anyone using them, or anyone who isn't using them but has their reasons for doing so. I understand that the keys have certain security flaws, but I'm not entirely sure if some of them have been fixed at the hardware/firmware level yet.

    I'd be interested in anyone's experience with said device, or anyone's opinions on them.

    See: for information about the keys.

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    I've ordered a couple for office/employee use and am waiting for them to arrive.
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