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    Starting hosting business for real

    I'm in hosting "business" for about 4 years now..Nothing big and fancy..I have web design company for 7 years and I want to have all my clients on one place and because beside designing web pages, hosting is another way of income..

    i never advertise hosting on my website and didn't offer it to public..

    First I took reseller account from one big US hosting company, and later, as number of accounts increase, I took dedicated server from same company. Even do i use small amount of server resource, I wanted to my clients to have good and solid hosting. Been with them for almost 3 years, but last year I switch from them to UK servers where I got better deal and fastest server, and since I'm from Central Europe and almost all my clients are from my country so distance to server is also important.

    Two years ago, i started with Live streaming hosting by accident, one of my client ask me for that so i try..Now I have 2 dedicated servers and 3 VPS servers..

    Last few months I'm preparing to go commercial hosting..Build a website, setup new servers, setup support, etc..i want to have 2 website: One is offering live streaming services to international market, and second to offering hosting services to local market.

    For local market I want to target myself as quality Joomla hosting, because I'm working with Joomla for few years so i can provide better support and joomla is used mostly by amateurs who always need help in setup Joomla on server and working with it. Im also thinking in providing clients with free exclusive templates and extensions for Joomla.

    Do you think this can work? Currently in my country there is no company which offering Joomla hosting.

    Of course, i want to have clients which dont use Joomla..Do you think that domain like Joomla Hosting will turn them away?

    For streaming business do you think it will be a big problem not to offer Paypal as payment options since I cant receive paypal money in my country?

    I would like to hear your opinion?

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    People like paying with paypal but not having it as an option may not be that big of a deal depending on the kind of customers you attract.

    As far as the domain I would go more generic than mentioning joomla, if you have it your name, people will think you specialize in that and may not consider you for just standard hosting.
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    Joomla hosting is becoming very competitive, however if you have a niche that the others don't do you will succeed.

    If your part of the Joomla Community/Development team could you become an affiliated/recommended hosting company?
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    I would think you have a very good business model and it will surely work since you're an expert in Joomla yourself. As for PayPal, I would think you should be okay not accepting paypal as long as you provide a good alternative for online payments.
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    I was thinking offer 2CO as form of payment for streaming clients..Setup and maintaining cost are not so high..

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    Quote Originally Posted by vjeko77 View Post
    I was thinking offer 2CO as form of payment for streaming clients..Setup and maintaining cost are not so high..
    Google Checkout is also a good one.
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    Yeah, Google Checkout is a good one. Also, Alertpay is an alternative to paypal...could give them a try.
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    If your selling them to your web design customers, you could allow credit card, especially if there local you could get the details along with the payment for there design.

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    Sounds do-able to me, especially if you can convince your local clients as to why Joomla is the sh*t.

    Here is how you can capture both the average hosting customer and a joomla specific customer.

    Make one website for your joomla hosting, and a 2nd website for your average hosting service. This way you can simultaneously promote both sites while also building page rank and authority. And you also get to feel cool when you tell people you have 2 hosting companies
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