*** UK based Dell PowerEdge 95.00 per month ***

This price is only available until end of August 2009. Please get in touch to order or if you have any questions.

=== Technical Specs: ===

* Unmanaged Dell PowerEdge R410
* 2 x Intel Xeon E5504 Processor (2.0GHz, 4M Cache, 4.86 GT/s QPI) - 8 cores total
* 6GB Memory for 2CPU (6x1B Single Rank RDIMMs) 1066MHz
* 2 x 160GB SATA 7.2k 3.5" HD Hot Plug in RAID1 (mirroring) arrangement
* Operating System of your Choice (if you require Windows you will need to provide a license or lease one from us)
* Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC6 Express)

=== For your peace of mind: ===
* Redundant power supplies
* 500GB same-site backup service (FTP) - does not count towards your bandwidth
* 500GB off-site backup service (FTP) - counts towards your bandwidth
* BHost dedicated support - free automated reboots, free telephone support, 15 minute response time to hardware failure, spare server parts on site

=== Other information: ===
* Download test:
* 8 x IP addresses included, more available upon request and free of charge subject to RIPE's requirements
* Server located in South West London Data Centre. Tours available upon request.
* 1000GB per month transfer
* No minimum contract @ 95 per month, or pre-pay for a year and get 2 months free
* Supervised physical access to your server 24 x 7 by appointment
* Server upgrades available for extra fee - or - unique to BHost - add your own upgrade (supervised) and have the upgraded parts returned to you should you decide to cancel your service.
* Managed service available on request - starting at 10 per month.

For further details please email [email protected] or call us free on 0800 043 4678 (UK) or +44 20 7100 6716 from abroad.