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    How can i make service for global ?


    I am andystoneme,

    I am happy to here to find some manmy interesting threads.

    I do the work on hosting over years,

    but my customers are local people,

    and my mother language is not english.

    I hope i can make serive for global people by englisg,

    I hope i can offer server management with Linux and CPANEL AND DIRECTADMIN,

    becuase english is not my mother language,

    I would not speak a fluent english with other people.

    If I want to make service for people by english,

    what should i take care? and do I have the choice to success ?

    thanks a lot.

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    Interesting questions.

    I think it's fair to say that the technical side would be under control regardless of your English language skills. Unfortunately when it comes to dealing with English speaking customers, they're going to want to speak with someone fluent. I mean no harm by that comment but it's the truth.

    Could you give consideration to improving your English written skills?

    Do you know someone that could "front" the business who may have better English skills then yourself?

    I would suggest launching with the local audience in mind and keep focusing on your English skills.

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    Do you mean learning English first ?

    thanks a lot.

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    If you are going to offer management, you will need to be available 24x7 - this is impossible for one man. So, you may have an outsourced company for help - usually, they have good English skills.

    Improving your English skills would be the best option - there are many courses completed within weeks. And always read technical papers, tutorials, blogs etc. in English
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    Here is the easiest way to do it:

    Make an english brand, completely different from your current site. You say you target local customers, so you should have a different website for this anyway.

    Pay someone to totally translate your website to english for you. You might even want to pay another person to proof-read it or how else will you know if the first translator did a good job.

    Second would be to either use google translator to translate support requests, however this is going to be really sloppy and might not be able to do everything you want it to.

    Like globalnet said, outsourcing your support is the best way to find english speakers who can man your support desk.
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