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    Brooklyn Providers

    I'm looking to start up a small datacenter in Brooklyn, NY. I've been checking through some bandwidth providers and I couldn't find one for Brooklyn. Are there any bandwidth providers which could provide bandwidth to space in Brooklyn, NY?

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    We are also looking to do something in Brooklyn.

    The option I can think of is to contact the leasing office of 470 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn NY. You would then need to use a Transit provider like AboveNET to get the connectivity from there to your "to be" location. I believe Keyspan does this also but their solution will be better cost wise for longer distances.

    You can also do a NYC Metro loop from a place like 60 Hudson to your location but it will start to get more costly depending on your config.

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    I would recommend not running a datacenter in your closet though as you said previously. AboveNET would be the way to go.
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