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Thread: Zanyhost?

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    Their site seems to have been down for a few hours.

    Are they around anymore?

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    It's down for me as well, but I don't know if it's because they're shutting down. Perhaps if you had an email address you could ask them about it.

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    well..I was considering signing up with them...

    well yeah..can't even hit their main pages...I was seriously planning on getting a vps from them today..guess I will have continue to shop around. btw: anyone that used em...have anything good/bad to say about em?

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    There is a thread in the Outages forum. They have announced planned down time. May be that is the reason.
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    Sure enough

    sure enough..they are back up somewhat..Its looks like there xen/vps orders are not working atm however (oddly their orders for shared web servers are..)

    maybe in the next hour or so..

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    Hi Everyone,

    Sorry about the downtime, orders that require manual creation had been disabled for a short time as or admin team were working on the main site and we were also setting up some new servers.

    You should have no problems ordering any of our services now.

    We have been doing some major changes to the site that hosts the website and mysql databases.

    These will be continuing over the next few days but we are not expecting any more downtime as all the DNS updates and file moves should be over now.

    If your having any problems please email me directly at [email protected] or if your a client please create a support ticket so our entire admin team can address the issue.

    Kindest Regards,

    P.S. We will be around for a long while longer, and have no intentions of closing down
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