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    Extreme Hosting for adult site. Any feedback?

    Hello Guys,

    I am pretty new to this. I spent quite some time on the forum reading reviews of hosting companies, but now joined to ask about a host I couldn't find anything about.

    I am planning to start an adult website (tgp style), I have a friend already working on the design. As for hosting he recommended a company called Extreme Hosting. I made a research but coulnd't find pretty much anything. All I see is they are advertising on some "hosting directory" websites, such as hostsearch for example.

    My friend says they are perfect for my needs, since I will be also needing FFmpeg for media streams.

    Of course, I also made my own research found other companies that are in the same price tag and offer similar services, but unfortunatelly saw some really bad reviews for them here, so probably I am going to pass...

    I really like that company (Extreme Hosting), I see that they have been in business since 2001, but wanted to ask if anyone has any feedback? Or if anyone is using their services?

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    If you will be streaming adult content, then you will probably need a VPS (Virtual Private Server) account.

    Keep in mind that there area lot of legalities surrounding these kinds of sites, especially if you allow users to upload anything. Also, be sure to check the Terms of Services of any web host you are considering.
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    RSkeens has made a good point. As different hosts has different policies regarding the adult sites; you should make sure about it with the respective hosts. Sorry I never heard about the mentioned host.

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    My friend says a VPS won't be neccessary and a shared hosting account should work just fine. We will not be streaming live media, but upload video files to be converted to FLV on the server using FFmpeg. We're just starting out, so we want to keep the costs down.
    I guess there won't be any legal problem as for the adult content, since I will be personally uploading everything to the site and I will make sure that everything is legal.

    I checked Extreme's terms of service and see nothing disturbing. They say they are specializing in hosting adult sites, so I guess there will be no problem with mine.

    Just wanted any personal experience if anyone ever used them...

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    Actually I used to host a website with Extreme Hosting a few years ago. However I sold it to another owner since I am not really in the mood of running an adult site anymore.
    As for Extreme Hosting - it is a pretty stable host. They are in business since 2001. Support was great, very friendly and quick responses. I haven't had difficulties or any downtimes. You can definitely trust them!

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    Thanks dude, that's what I needed to hear! I will go ahead and sign up for them and will post a review here in a few days to let you know how things are going with Extreme Hosting.

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    Many providers should be able to accomodate your needs, i would read carefully threw any TOS, and also maybe chat with sales before ordering to confirm what you want is what you will get, etc, Best of luck - web/shells/ircd/shoutcast hosting!
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