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    Thumbs down FDC Servers Support?

    I just wanted to take a minute and offer a comment on the horrid support that FDC Servers gives, and I'm not talking about Tech Support. I am referring to Sales Support! My friend and I have a server colocated with FDC Servers. After their episode of downtime, we pondered having the box moved to a new provider. To make a long story short, we decided to stick with FDC Servers, however, they took our server offline. Even though our "contract" was up on the 12th of November, our server has been disconnected and offline since 11/3/2002. We have emailed them numerous times asking them to reconnect our server, but have recieved no responce. We have no idea where our server. They do not return emails, and have no phone numbers available on their website. If I do not have some form of responce within 12 hours, I'll be forced to take legal action.

    Phillip Cockrell
    Securibox Technologies
    [email protected] ( <- not working cause of FDC Servers)
    [email protected]

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    If you check out some other threads about FDC, you'll see you're not the only one

    I hope you get everything straightened out with FDC; I can understand how frustrating that is.

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    me too

    about my self now i'm moving my sites from them

    FDC don't reply me emails and also NO S U P P O R T and my server was down for more than 6 hours and no action from them

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