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    Cpanel - subdomain on different domain problem


    I have the following problem:

    I am trying to add a subdomain in cpanel for my domain but on another domain not owned by me IN CNAME

    but when I save it cpanel makes it as IN CNAME

    Is this a setting in "Tweak Settings" or somewhere else that disallows me to do what I want?


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    you probably need root admin access to whm to setup a record on a domain that doesn't belong to you

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    He is already doing this

    OP - you forgot "." at the end of your records, this is kind of DNS format

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    You will need to add following record in the DNS zone of

    subdomainA IN CNAME

    Do not for . at the end of It is mandatory to put . at the end.


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    Perhaps I'm missing something here, but if the other domain isn't owned by you, how are you going to get access to set this up? From the description I'm not sure which way around you're trying to do this, but either way I would expect problems.

    Say you're hosting, for example, you could add and point it to, but I doubt that Google's server would respond appropriately to being called by that name. Or if you're trying to do it the other way around, anything you do on your own server to create won't work at all.

    In short, you will need some kind of access to the domain, or cooperation from the domain's owner, in order to create a working subdomain.

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