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    Question What constructs a good domain registrar ?

    There are so many registrars . It seems that they all provide similar functionalities ,but their prices range from 7 to 35. I don't know which one to choose...

    Can somebody tell me what factors construct a good registrar ?

    (Don't just reply xxxDaddy sucks or xxxSRS rocks ...I'd like to know the reasons...)

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    I would like to respond.....
    My personal opinion as a registrar is that the level of service, support is what makes a good registrar.
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    My experience is one that has a system which offers lots of features and works well without errors.
    Also customer service and price are important.
    I have found that enom offers the best combination of these factors for me.

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    Domain management features and costs are two most important aspect before i consider a registrar. Also, you must check if the registar lets you register DNS freely as some registrar would charge you for same and/or ask you to extend your domain validity to x no. of yrs for u to be able to register dns.

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    In order to say what makes a registrar good for you, your needs need to be clear.

    Some people register a domain and never interact with their registrar again.

    Some people are trying to consolidate domains from dozens of individual registars into one domain management account - and these transfers may be problematic and require significant effort to be moved together.

    Some customers have a desire to pay with purchase orders, money orders, checks, or even cash, and would like a no hassle way of doing so.

    Some people need a small amount of email space, web services and other "stuff" with their domain, and would like their registrar to handle all of this for them as well.

    You need to understand your needs, how any given registrar will handle them, and then make your choice.

    Good luck,

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    Thank you for replying....
    But I have a few questions...

    'Suppose' the lowest price is GoDaddy. And I just need few domain names (less than 5) . I wonder which site/registrar can beat Godaddy + ZoneEdit combination ?

    I my point of view , GoDaddy + ZoneEdit seems very sufficient for individuals (that don't seed too many domain names).

    Am I right ? or am I missing some issues ?

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    If you are only registering a few domains, customer service should be your priority unless a dollar or two for each would make a difference to you. (You WILL sooner or later need to contact them.)

    However, what makes you think that zoneedit is sufficient for you? 200MB isn't good enough even for most personal websites except perhaps in the first few months.
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    what is zoneedit? does godaddy offer free DNS with domains?

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