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    Show Your Love: Referral Competition!

    We’re going to try something a bit different for this month’s contest! I want you to promote hosting or design services in any way that you can. At the end of the month, we’ll reward the top 5 referrers with $200 each, via Paypal!
    How Do I Enter?

    Each register client or affiliate partner has his own referral account. When a new user visits DataViking via your unique url, you’ll earn 25% of his or her first deposit! BUT – to spice things up a bit more, we’re also going to give an extra $200 cash prize to the top five referrers between now and August 31, 2009.
    To enter, you MUST have an active affiliate account with DataViking if do not have one now you can register here
    How Can I Promote DataViking?

    There are dozens of way to promote DataViking.
    1. Make a posting on your blog.
    2. Add a DataViking banner to the sidebar of your website.
    3. Don’t be obnoxious, but inform your followers on Twitter, Myspace, Friendster, and Facebook!
    4. Add a link to your your email signature.
    Any I missed? If so, leave a comment for the rest of us. Remember – even if you don’t refer enough people to earn a space in the top five, you’ll still earn 25% of any new users’ deposits… year round!
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